Sunday, March 15, 2020

Ralph Waldo Emerson essays

Ralph Waldo Emerson essays Many writers created during the 18th century, but none influenced so many people as did Emerson. Emerson was confused with his place in society in the beginning of his life, but as his ideas of philosophy grew, so did his reputation. Emerson turned his back on past family generations when he walked out on his career in ministry. As he absorbed knowledge and ideas of other philosophers, so did his own mind begin to expand. Before Emerson realized it, he was a well know lecturist who had people listening to him and being strongly influenced by his thoughts. Ralph Waldo Emerson, a writer and leader of his own philosophy, gained his recognition and knowledge through his lectures, his religion, and his own ideas as a philosopher. Ralph Waldo Emersons great lectures were based around natures ordeals and his religious and philosophical beliefs. Emerson was said to be a great teacher and lecturist by the many who heard him speak. To hear him lecture in his best days must have been a rare experience, for he required much of his audiences in concentration and understanding - more than many of the pioneer communities... (Kunitz 254). Emerson was never given the full credit he deserved for his speeches and books. He was more in it for the sheer desire of doing it. ...When he was most famous he no more then $600 a year from his books, so to support his family, his only way to do this was by lecturing (Kunitz 253). Emerson was never a popular man, but he always drew crowds when he spoke of the religion, philosophy, and society of his era. He intrigued people with his sophisticated mind and his intellectual theories on the subjects he spoke of. The people spoke highly of him once they heard his modest ideas. To them, as finally to America, he typified Man Thinking, the ideal scholar who would in the end, as in Platos Republic, be the worlds ideal king (Kuni...

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