Thursday, February 27, 2020

Explaining my motivation to get into the MBA program, my professional Personal Statement

Explaining my motivation to get into the MBA program, my professional and goals - Personal Statement Example ergraduate degree, I worked full time as a unit secretary in the NICU, a local hospital so I consider myself as better acquainted with the practical operations of business. I believe my masters will not only equip me with more theoretical knowledge on business leadership, but earn me adequate salary to improve my life with my new husband. In addition, my success in the MBA studies and subsequent placement in a good job would prove to myself and my family that I can succeed in this new journey. As Bujor (2013) noted, as an MBA graduate, I will have the prerequisite qualification and higher opportunity to land and hold a top-level management position. My confidence in better prospects is boosted by the fact that more than two-thirds of the MBA graduates around the world are top managers or members of company boards. Such positions are usually well-paying but challenging in the sense that they require of the managers the ability to work extra time and make major decisions that can change the business for better or for worse. I will be especially happy in such positions because I like challenging and rewarding jobs. In addition, the MBA program will deliver a better, more integrated business network that I will rely on in future management position to source for clients, suppliers and employees. As an MBA trainee I will enjoy massive networking opportunities that will be of great importance in practical business life. The program will improve my practical knowledge of the business through interactions with colleagues who are likely to turn into high level executives in future. In addition, I will also look forward to the professors and other teaching staffs to impart tremendous knowledge on-field operations. Owing to the fact that I work for a big company, I believe that completing the program will help me move up the corporate ladder and become a great corporate leader. My current placement has given me a head-start in the sense that I do not need to rely wholly on

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